A People Transformed by the Gospel of Grace


Who is All Saints church? 

We are a people of God, sinners made saints by the gift of grace through Jesus Christ’s perfect life, substituting death and conquering resurrection.  

Together as the people of God, the Church, we walk according to His Holy Spirit through our dependency upon the life-giving means of grace:  His Word, His sacraments and prayer.


Why are we here?

To enjoy and proclaim the grace and glory of God in our everyday lives of worship in order to display the love of Jesus and the hope of His gospel transformation to the lives of individuals, families, the community of Green Bay and the world.


How will We Live Out This mission and vision?

By trusting in God to bring Gospel transformation to our own lives and the lives of our neighbor through

Gospel-shaped worship

 Grace-dependent discipleship

A Faithful presence in our community




Gospel - Shaped  Worship


What is Worship?

If you have breath in your lungs, then you were created for the purpose of worship.  Worship is devoting our lives and our loves to something that is of utmost value and worth to us.  We believe, according to the Bible - God's Word to us, that object of worship is the Creator God who formed us from the dust and gave us that very breath in our lungs.  We were made for worship of the triune God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


What is Gospel-Shaped Worship? 

  • It is worship that is dependent upon God’s Spirit to enlighten, govern and minister to God’s people
  • It is worship which follows the meta-narrative found in God’s Word (creation, fall, redemption, restoration)
    • which recognizes and appreciates the creativity of God and the image bearing of human beings
    • which includes a necessary and regular emphasis on sin and our own heart’s rebellion in order to expose our need for the Gospel
    • which emphasizes the centrality of Christ in all parts of Scripture and all areas of life
    • which displays a hopeful and expectant kingdom-come mindset of how God is continuing to finish what He has begun
  • It is worship that is framed on the LORD’s day in a formal, creative and cohesive liturgy
  • It is worship that is patterned by God’s creative order including weekly Sabbath rests and a seasonal Gospel approach to worship (i.e. Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Ordinary Time) 
  • It is worship which includes an approach to the LORD of reverence and respect
  • It is worship which is accessible to our local, theological, cultural and educational contexts
  • It is worship which is humbly led with: 
    • expository preaching and liturgy leading
    • excellence displayed in the creative arts 
    • expressiveness which is authentic, affectionate and unashamed
  •  It is worship which is not restricted only to the LORD’s day but reflected in every moment of our lives  
  • It is worship which values corporate, family and individual expressions of worship
When we realize our place in existence - that we were made, that we are not God - the only appropriate response is to see ourselves in relation to our Creator and bend the knee, to deflect all praise and honor and glory to the Creator.
— Jared C. Wilson


Grace - Dependent Discipleship


What is discipleship?

As worshipers, we are continually in the process of learning.  Learning what it means to follow Christ in our day to day, ordinary routines of life.   Grace-dependent discipleship says that in every decision, season and crossroads in our life, God is the initiator and we are the responders, never the other way around.

What does grace-dependent discipleship look like? 

  • It is discipleship which assumes God is always the initiator of every aspect of a Christian’s faith
  • It is discipleship in which we trust God’s sovereignty and providence in life and in death
  • It is discipleship in which we are responders to the initiative of His Word, His Law and His Son by:
    • seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness not our own
    • serving the LORD through sacrifice and suffering
    • serving and loving neighbor wherever God moves us
    • living a lifestyle of repentance as His Spirit prompts and reveals sin 
    • listening and responding graciously to the needs of our neighbor
    • discipling the lost toward a saving faith in Jesus 
    • evangelizing the Christian to relish Jesus above all else
  • It is discipleship in which we view the ordinary moments of our lives as equally holy as the extraordinary moments because His Spirit dwells in us: 
    • where we pray without ceasing
    • where we develop habits of grace in which our love for God is cultivated (i.e. corporate and private prayer and worship, reading and meditating on God’s Word, participating corporately in His sacraments)
    • where habits of grace are developed in primarily in community and also individually
    • where we view discipleship as a lifelong process and the glory of God as our end
    • where we recognize that conflict among people will exist and we approach conflict as an opportunity toward experiencing the Gospel in relationships
  • It is discipleship in which we train up leaders to continue the Kingdom work beyond our lifespans and outside of our walls
  • It is discipleship in which we measure success by faithfulness to the LORD and measure failure as an acknowledgment of the need for God’s grace 
True wisdom consists in two things: knowledge of God and knowledge of self.
— John Calvin


Faithful Presence in our Community


What is Faithful presence?

As worshipers of God and disciples of Christ, we are also on mission to share with the world the grace and mercy which God has extended to us.  Being faithfully present in our community means that we do not insulate ourselves from the outside world but rather lovingly engage with people around us with the hope that they may see our love and recognize this love as coming not from ourselves but from the God who is the source of love.


What does faithful Presence look like? 

  • It is a presence which sees hospitality as a key weapon in the frontlines of spiritual battle
  • It is our hope that through the transforming work of the Gospel that the number of people at each of these tables would increase over the life of All Saints Church.
  • As we are on mission, we center our fellowship and relationships in the church around three tables.


The Guest Table

  • where we are actively involved in the preservation and promotion of life in our community through social improvements and cultural engagement
  • where we worship as guests in various locations, are concerned about making sure our worship is contextualized to our current setting, and we treat facilities and people with care and respect
  • where we do not force our convictions on anyone unwilling or disinterested in hearing them but respectfully step back if there is disinterest
  • where we proclaim the Gospel in a loving and biblically-informed manner that encourages dialogue, actively listens and carefully responds to people’s questions and doubts
  • where we treat guests as those who are made in the image of God whose lives could be transformed with the love of Jesus;  not as objects of evangelism
  • where we invite people out of love for Jesus and love for neighbor to “taste and see” Christian fellowship; by inviting them to participate in the friendship table or join us for a Sunday morning worship service
  • where we treat individuals and organizations who may differ in our worldview with respect and compassionate conviction
  • where we spend regular time as guests at the table in other people’s homes, businesses, community centers and schools

The Friendship Table

  • where we gather regularly around food to pray for one another, study God’s Word together and share how the Gospel applies to the story of our lives
  • where conflict between individuals is not avoided but approached with grace, tenacity, humility and timeliness
  • where we meet in someone’s home and see our hospitality as a primary means of expressing love and welcoming the sojourner
  • where it is an open table to invite neighbors, friends and family
  • where the table serves as a springboard to deeper conversations among individuals


The Family Table

  • where the table is fenced for members of All Saints Church and those who profess faith in Christ and are in good-standing with a Gospel-preaching church
  • where the table is our window into the hope of God’s Kingdom feast fully established on a new earth as it is in heaven in which Christ is now and will ever be at the head of our table
  • where the table also becomes a picture of Gospel-diversity and unity not uniformity
  • where the table is a place where we would desire our children to participate to receive blessing and partake of the elements as soon as the LORD makes it apparent, upon examination by the elders, their readiness to engage at the table in faith
  • where it is our hope that the number of individuals and families participating at this table would grow
  • where the table is approached with discernment and care 
Food is our common ground...a universal experience.
— James Beard
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Our place of Worship

The Richard Mauthe Center

2418 Leon Bond Dr, Green Bay, WI 54311 (click here for directions)

On the campus of UWGB across from the Kress Events Center.

Phone:  920-362-5027

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The Richard Mauthe Center

If you serve as a regular volunteer on a Sunday morning, our volunteer schedule is located here.




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