The Kid’s Table

Resource Page for Loving and Serving Our Children at All Saints

Why the Kid’s Table?

Because Jesus treasures and values children. Not only because they were made in his image but also because they most fittingly demonstrate what faith according to the Gospel looks like: complete dependence, unfiltered trust, honest engagement and curious expression (Matthew 19: 13-15). It is our hope as a church that we might not only shepherd our children according to God’s Word at All Saints but also learn from our children as they teach us more about faith.

the Purpose of this Page

Either you are a child, parent or a spiritual parent of a child at All Saints (that should include everyone). This page is designed to provide children and parent’s with access to some of the resources we use at the Sunday morning Kid’s Table. It is also designed to provide our volunteers in the Kid’s Table with the resources they need to effectively shepherd and train up our kids to understand what faith in Jesus is all about. We also hope to equip our children that they would be able to, even in their young development, to be able to articulate their faith through learning, through repetition and memorization the core of the Gospel message.

Our Curriculum

Each week for the 52 weeks of the year, the children will be learning a different "catechism” question. While the word “catechism” may sound either intimidating or dry, it basically means “teaching.” We will be using the New City Catechism which has 52 weeks, one question per week, and uses a combination of several major professions of faith, to teach children through song and memorization the heart of the Christian faith. We know that some of the answers the kids are learning might be a little “out of reach” for their development but it is our hope that even in the memorization of these truths, God would use the planting of these seeds to foster in them growth and development for later years of their lives.

The New City Catechism is broken up into three parts:

Part One: God, Creation & Fall, Law

Part Two: Christ, Redemption & Grace

Part Three: Spirit, Restoration, Growing in Grace

The Catechism is available as an app and can be used in the home to reinforce the concepts being learned. The app includes the questions set to song and we will be using the children’s mode (located in the settings on the app) for the younger children to be able to learn the simpler version of the material.

The concept of “story” is also a valuable part of our life as a church and we will also be using songs from “The Great God and His Big Story” (produced by The Church at Brook Hills) to also engaged children with the grander story in a creative and engaging way.

What Kid’s Table Looks LIke Each Week

Nursery is available to parent’s of young children (ages 0-3) throughout the worship service. Our Kid’s Table gathers during the passing of the peace in our service through the sermon and continues until the children return to the service during communion. The structure for our time at the Kid’s Table each week will generally look like the following:

  1. Welcome/Intro/Prayer

  2. New City Song 

  3. Story from the Bible or the Jesus Storybook Bible

  4. Activity Time or Craft

  5. Snack/Play Time

  6. Big Story Song/Prayer

  7. Clean Up 

What Kid’s Table Volunteers Do Each Week

All of our kid’s table volunteers need to have completed a background check to ensure the safety of our children. Once the background check has been screened and approved by the leadership, volunteers join the rotation of serving in the Kid’s Table approximately one time per month.

Resources for Parents and Volunteers

Kid’s Table Calendar (52 weeks beginning on All Saints/Reformation Sunday)

New City Catechism Website and App

Background Check Link (Coming Soon)

Volunteer Description and Expectations (Coming Soon)

Safety and First Aid Procedures (Coming Soon)

“The Great God and His Big Story” Songs